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Benefits of MANGO that You Must Know –

Mango (MANGO)

Advantages / Benefits Of Mango Fruit  –

The Latin name Mangifera Indica – Mango should be kept in cold water or in the refrigerator before eating it.

This removes the heat of the mango. Mixing mango in milk or drinking milk from above after eating it benefits a lot. It removes weakness of semen, increases semen. Drinking Amaras in the evening for two-three months brings masculine strength, weakness of the body. The body becomes fat. Mango papad is also made. Amaras is dried and becomes papad. when mango.

If not, then mango can be tasted by eating papad of mango. Mango papad

Eat a quarter portion at a time, in small quantities. Vitamin ‘A’ and ‘C’ in its papad

Get. Mango papad is beneficial for health. Sperm enhancer: Taking ripe mango juice, sugar candy, cardamom, clove, ginger mixed according to taste increases sperm count.

Deficiency of vitamin ‘A’ reduces the immunity power of Xerophthalmia i.e. reddened and itchy eyes, night blindness and immunity from contagious diseases. Mango contains more vitamin ‘A’ than all fruits. Apart from this, vitamin ‘B’ and vitamin ‘C’ are also high. A man needs 5000 international units of vitamin ‘A’ daily which is found only in 100 grams of mango. Sucker mango benefits in night blindness.

There is some facts of Mango to know everyone-

Mango benefits help to cures some diseases easily –

Wrinkles – As long as you keep getting mango, drinking a glass of Amaras does not cause wrinkles on the face and wrinkles disappear. Mix half a teaspoon of ginger juice in a heart patient and drink it.

Diarrhea:- (1) Grind equal quantity of mango kernels, belgiri and sugar candy and take two spoons of funki with water thrice a day, it ends diarrhea. There is more benefit in the squads of the summer season. (2) Grind 50 grams of boiled mango kernels, add salt and sugar according to taste and take one spoon with water thrice daily. Squads will benefit. (3) After roasting mango kernels and grinding it with curd, applying it on the navel stops diarrhea. (4) Grind mango kernels in plenty of water and apply a thick paste on the navel, it stops all types of diarrhea.

Worms – Give one-fourth spoon powder of mango kernels with hot water, it kills stomach worms. Hemorrhage- Grind the kernel that comes out of dry mango kernels and sniff it thrice daily.

The nose will be fine. Dysentery – (1) Grinding mango kernels with buttermilk and drinking it in case of blood in diarrhea is beneficial. (2) Drying mango leaves in shade and grinding them in cloth and filter it.Filter it. Take half a teaspoon of funky thrice daily with warm water. Eat khichdi. • Baking mango kernels with salt and eating it daily gives strength to the stomach in case of diarrhea. Eat one kernel thrice daily.

Eating soil– (1) After roasting the mango kernels, take out the kernel. It should be 50 grams. Mixing 25 grams sugar candy, 20 grams fennel, five grams small cardamom in it, grind it and feed half a teaspoon, three times a day, it breaks the habit of eating soil. (2) If the child has a habit of eating soil, then giving mango kernels with fresh water is beneficial. Baking the kernels and eating it like a betel nut also leaves the soil eaten. Swelling of gums – One spoon ground amchur in a glass of water for three hours

Soaking and gargling (mango) with this water cures swelling and pain of gums


Amoebiasis-Eating three times a day after roasting mango kernels is beneficial. Manjan – Grind dry green leaves of mango after burning it. Grind the mango kernels as much as it is ash and mix both of them and filter them in a sieve of maida, after brushing regularly, the teeth will become clean and shine.

Tooth strength- Chew fresh mango leaves and keep spitting. With continuous use for a few days, the moving teeth will become strong, the bleeding from the gums will stop.


Seeds – (1) Grind 5 mango kernels and mix it with 50 grams of groundnut oil.

There is benefit in planting seeds. (2) If there are seeds, if the soles are torn, then there is mango on them.

Rub the peel. Tuberculosis (T.B.) – Mix sixty grams of honey in a cup of Amaras and drink it daily in the morning and evening. Drink cow’s milk thrice daily. By doing this for 21 days, there is benefit in tuberculosis.

Weakness of brain – One cup of Amaras, quarter cup of milk, one spoon of ginger

Mix juice, sugar as per taste and drink it once daily. weakness of the brain

is far away. Chronic headache due to weakness of the brain, Darkness before the eyes

goes away. The body remains healthy. It is also a blood purifier. It also gives strength to heart and liver.


Cholera-  Grind 25 grams soft leaves of mango and boil it in a glass of water. when water

If it remains half, filter it and drink it hot twice. Hemorrhoids bleeding- Grind 10 soft, soft leaves of mango and dissolve it in a glass of water. Add sugar candy to it as per taste. Drinking this way stops bleeding from piles.

Diarrhea, piles – (1) half a cup of sweet amaranth, 25 grams of sweet curd and one teaspoon of ginger juice – drink all mixed together. Drink one such quantity thrice daily. It cures chronic diarrhea, excretion of dyspepsia particles in the stools and piles. (2) Grind the kernels of mango and dissolve it in water or buttermilk and drink it, it stops diarrhea. sugar to taste can mix. Take one kernel at a time. Half kernels for kids. it three times

Take it If there is dysentery, bleeding piles and blood in urine, then grind new mango leaves and dissolve them in water and drink.

Mango benefits in Digestive power-

(1) The mango which contains fiber is heavy. Fibrous mango is more digestible, beneficial and relieves constipation. Makes the common intestines strong. Drinking milk after sucking mango gives strength to the intestines. Mango clears the stomach. It has both nutritive and laxative properties. It cures liver weakness and anemia. Digestive power increases by drinking 70 grams sweet mango juice mixed with two grams dry ginger in the morning. (2) Eating roasted kernels gives strength to the intestines, digestion power increases.

Spleen – Mix 70 grams mango juice, 15 grams honey and drink it regularly for 3 weeks in the morning, it provides relief in swelling and wounds of the spleen. Do not eat sour during this period.

A lot of blood is produced by eating potent mangoes. Skinny people gain weight. Urine comes out freely. There is energy in the body. Mango murabba can also be taken. Eat mango after meals for two consecutive months to increase potency.

Strengthening for children – Soak the seven kernels that come out of mango kernels in water at night. Grind it in the morning and boil it after mixing it with half a kg of milk. After boiling, take it off and let it cool. Mixing a little ground cinnamon (two grams) and powdered sugar candy according to taste, drinking it regularly for 15 days increases strength and intelligence. Beauty enhancer – By consuming mango, the skin color becomes clear, it glows.

Wash in the morning Stains, spots, freckles will be cured.

Comes, the glow of the face increases. Read the author’s book ‘Rupnikhar’. Black spots on the face, freckles- Take equal quantity of the inner kernels of mango and jamun, grind both with water and apply it on the face daily at night. to face.

Dry cough – Suck ripe mangoes by pressing them in hot ash, roasting them after cooling, it cures dry cough. Asthma – Eat two kernels of mango daily in the morning or grind them with cold water.

Get funky with you. There will be benefit of mango in asthma. Do this experiment for at least 15 days. Peorrhoea – By brushing the fine powder of mango kernels, pyorrhoea and all diseases of the teeth are cured.

Egg growth – 25 grams of mango leaves, ten grams of rock salt, grind both lightly

By applying the paste by heating it a little, the egg growth gets cured.

Burning sensation in hands and feet – rubbing mango blossom

Burning disappears.

Diabetes- (1) by mixing equal parts of mango and jamun juice and drinking it for a few days.

How to increase the Vitamn C in our body….

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