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Timely Detection Can Cure Cancer

Patna: Though cancer is a deadly disease, if detected on time, many forms of cancer can be cured. However, data suggests not many people in Bihar go for detection of cancer. For instance, only 0.8% of adult women (30 to 49 years) had undergone a screening test for cervical cancer and for breast cancer it was mere 0.3%.

According to National Family Health Survey-5 (NFHS-5) data, only 0.3% of women had undergone breast examination. For cervical cancer, 0.8% of the women had undergone screening. While a large number of both men and women consume tobacco in Bihar and also suffer from oral cancerthe percentage of those going for oral cavity examination is much less. For instance, as per NFHS-5, only 0.3% of women had undergone an oral cavity examination, while for men it was 0.9%.

Director of Radha Devi Jageshwari Memorial Medical College at Turki in Muzaffarpur, Dr Rajiv Ranjan Prasad stressed on the need to go for check up of cancer on priority basis. “Distributing free sanitary napkins will not help. Be it the central or the state government, they have to be serious about screening as they are ignoring such deadly disease.”

Talking about the data screening for cancer given in NFHS-5, medical director at Mahavir Cancer Institute, Dr LB Singh said it is alarming. He said negligible percentage of people go for screening, which is an important step in prevention and cure from cancer. “If screened on time, then there are chances of 20 to 30% increase in the survival rate,” he said, further talking about the attitude and behavior of people. “When you ask any tobacco consumer to go for screening, then they will cite an example of someone who had been continuously chewing tobacco, but did not have cancer. This needs to be changed. He further said they have adopted Patna district and from November onwards were providing free screening for cervical cancer and so far nearly 3000 women have been screened.

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