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Washington: National leaders and international agencies have remained silent about the origin of covid during the recent summits of the United NationsG7, and G20, stated the New York-based magazine National Review, adding that mainstream media has also not critically covered or scrutinized the question regarding COVID’s origin.

Investigating COVID’s origin is an urgent priority, it stated, adding that it is a public-health disaster of unfathomable magnitude that has killed one million Americans, more than the total American casualties in World War 2.

It is the essential duty of the government to find the origin of any major disasters and formulate reforms necessary to prevent future occurrences, the report stated.

“Given the horrific scale of the social and economic damages caused by COVID, one presumes that the US government would be intent on continuing the investigation to find its origin. Biden administration in late 2022, however, declined to support an independent, post-9/11-style bipartisan commission on the origins of and response to the pandemic,” the report said.

The Democratic side’s indifference to the origin of COVID is confusing, it said further, adding that the Democrats are worried about the danger of climate change accelerated by human activity, which they consider an existential threat to mankind.

“At the recent G7 meeting, climate security was at the top of the agenda. Without a real investigation into the origin of Covid, world leaders simply lack the urgency to address this issue. The inconvenient truth is that the COVID pandemic has killed millions already while climate change has not,” it stated.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus spoke with minister Ma Xiaoweidirector of China‘s National Health Commission on January 14 about the COVID situation in the country and sought deeper cooperation on the origins of the COVID pandemic, it added.

“Spoked with Minister Ma Xiaowei about the COVID-19 situation in China. I appreciated the release of detailed information, which we request they continue to share. Asked for the sharing of further sequences and cooperation on understanding the virus origins,” the WHO chief tweeted.

The phone call came on the same day China announced that nearly 60,000 COVID deaths were reported since the country lifted its strict ‘Zero COVID Policy’ on December 7, last year, state media outlet Global Times reported.

China’s National Health Commission revealed a total of 59,938 COVID-related deaths between December 8, 2022 and January 12 this year, attributing the spike in cases to rolling back the COVID policy on December 7.

On the call, Tedros reiterated the importance of China’s deeper cooperation and transparency in understanding the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic, and in carrying out the recommendations detailed in the report of the Strategic Advisory Group for the Origins of Novel Pathogens, according to the report.

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