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New Delhi: With the significant increase in flu case across the country, practice put together insights from its database to understand the spread of influenza A subtype H3N2, The company has seen a spike in search queries related to the seasonal flu in the last two weeks as compared to the first two weeks of this year.

From February 20 to March 05, 2023, the company has witnessed an increase of around 29 percent in flu-related queries in comparison with the time interval of January 1-14, 2023. The company’s data suggests 55 percent of the queries are on ‘fever’ and 31 per cent on ‘cold and cough’.

Breaking the data geographically, Praco’s analysis shows that 24 per cent of the related queries are from Bangalore, followed by Delhi at 16 per cent and Mumbai is attributed with around 10 per cent of search results.

With ‘COVID-like’ symptoms, many people have been affected by this influenza virus. The Indian Council of Medical Research ,ICMR) had earlier released detailed guidelines on how to navigate through this sudden virus outbreak to.

The company said in its statement to the press that it is imperative that adults also proactively take appropriate measures and get vaccinated, especially in light of the upcoming National Vaccination Day on March 16.

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