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Pph among three main health conditions of maternal deaths, Health News, ET HealthWorld

Indore: Post-partum hemorrhage (pph, eclampsiaand pulmonary Embolism was the main cause behind maternal deaths occurring in the Indore district in the first eight months of this fiscal leaving behind 20 babies, records show.

These three reasons constitute around 27 of 48 maternal deaths reported in health facilities in the district from April to November, records show.

Except for one, all PPH deaths were reported at MY Hospital, the records show. PPH is severe vaginal bleeding after childbirth, eclampsia is the new onset of seizures or coma and pulmonary embolism is blockage of blood flow due to clot, officials said.

District health officer-1 Dr Purnima Gadoriya told TOI, “The death due to PPH is a clear negligence. It is a preventable medical condition. It shall be treated properly and managed. The two to three hours after delivery is the most crucial time. Most of the deaths related to PPH happen in those two-three hours only. It shall not happen. It is an old age problem and can be managed easily with skilled doctors.”

“Even in the case of eclampsia, the high blood pressure shall be managed properly,” Dr Gadoriya added. The information came to fore through review of the case files of maternal deaths occurring in facilities that are scheduled to be sent to state authorities for confidential review.

The state authorities have sought a case file of deaths that occurred between September to November in the district. In that period, the district reported 23 deaths of those 48 occurred between April to November, records showed. The other major causes of deaths include sepsis, viral hepatitis, abortions, DACA and others.

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