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Nuclear medical department at Government Medical College and Hospital set up to help cancer patients Health News, ET HealthWorld

Chandigarh: Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH), Sector 32, will soon set up a department of nuclear medicine to supplement its diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities to help patients with cancer, heart diseases and certain brain conditions.

only the P.G.I. has this department, with patients having to seek treatment mostly from private centers due to high volume and waiting periods.

Positron emission tomography (Pet) scan, an imaging technique used to detect early signs of cancer, heart disease and brain conditions, costs between Rs Rs 8,000 and Rs 15,000 at a private centre. It involves an injection of a safe radioactive tracer that helps detect diseased cells, as recommended by a specialist.

“The GMCH treats a large number of such patients. Establishing this facility will be a big relief to them, especially patients with cancer. It not only helps in establishing extent of disease but is also a great tool for monitoring response to chemotherapy/radiotherapy, said Dr Sudhir GargMedical Superintendent, GMCH.

This new department had been a long pending demand of patients to have PET scan facility. For this, the GMCH will recruit an assistant professor and two senior residents. “Once this facility starts, it will develop and grow to take more such cases. This will enable patients to seek treatment at the same rates as at the PGI and also shorten the waiting period for PET scan, which is more than six months or even a year at times,” said a faculty member.

Also, an order to procure a new cobalt unit in radiation oncology has been placed. Many other sophisticated equipment have been added in the institute for patient care.

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