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Chennai: “media can play an important role in the health field by informing and educating the public on maintaining and protecting health and what to do when things go wrong,” he said. RamDirector Hindu Publishing Group,

He was delivering the second Dr V Shanta Memorial Oration on ‘Cancer and the Role and Responsibilities of the Media’ at Cancer Institute (WIA).

“Since journalists lack the knowledge, expertise and experience needed to perform this informational role by drawing on their own resources, they can do this competently only by partnering with trustworthy health providers,” he added.

Quoting a research article by V Kulothungan, Ram said that the project cancer burden in India for 2021 was 26.7 million Disability adjusted life years (Dalys) and expected to increase to 29.8 million in 2025.

“Epidemic, plague, medical emergency, suddenly surfacing morbidity and mortality of a critical mass – these attract instant news media coverage. But equally important medical issues, health related developments are under reported or missed,” he added. Ram also recalled his relationship with the cancer institute and Dr Shanta.

Dr V Shanta started her career at the Cancer Institute (WIA) and dedicated her life to make cancer treatment accessible and affordable to all.

Her life over 65 years was dedicated to the care of cancer patients, prevention, and control of cancer.

On the birth anniversary of Dr V Shanta, eminent scholars are invited to deliver the oration to reminisce her noble contribution to oncology.

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