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Indore: District administration on Monday canceled the registration of two private hospitals and issued a warning to two others and an order issued preventing them from performing C-sec deliveries after an inquiry.

The registration (licence to operate) of Dayanand and Veermat hospital in Indore has been canceled while Harlalka hospital and Dubey hospital were warned along with an order preventing them from performing C-sec deliveries.

The actions were taken against those private hospitals after, during a maternal death review in the last month, the health authorities found issues in six of them.

All these hospitals are small in their infrastructure and were operating with a lack of facilities like blood storage units, power back, staffers, and others, an official said.

ADM Abhay Bedakar confirmed TOI about the actions and said, “The administration has canceled the license of two private hospitals including Dayanand and Veermat. Two others including Harlalka and Dubey hospital are issued warnings along with directions for not performing C-sec deliveries.”

“The actions are taken based on an inquiry report from Zonal medical officers”, said ADM Bedekar,

In the case of Dayanand Hospitalthe authorities found expired medicine and a lack of other facilities there during an inspection by a health team composed of a Civil Surgeon and DHO-1. Similar lacunae were found in other hospitals also.

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