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Lack Of Med Facilities Jeopardises Hundreds Of Pregnant Patients, Health News, ET HealthWorld

Indore: Hundreds of pregnant woman are suffering due to lack of hospital buildings at two of the four major maternal health facilities to.

The two facilities, Mangilal Churiya Hospital in Ambedkar Nagar, MIG and Nanda Nagar maternal hospitals are without a building to continue operations for months.

All the services of Nanda Nagar hospital are shifted to Community Health Center in scheme 78 and Mangilal Churiya is only running Out Patient Department in a small one room set up.

Interestingly, despite this lack of infrastructure dozens of staffers are posted to these facilities causing trouble at other facilities with lack of staffers.

The Mangilal Churiya had 26 staffers posted there including three doctors, 11 staff nurses and others, though it has a limited footfall. Similarly, the Nanda Nagar facility has over a dozen staffers posted, though there is no building, officials said. District Health officer-1, Dr Purnima Gadoriya told TOI, “Dozens of staffers are posted to these two non-functional facilities. These can be posted to other facilities where the flow of patients is diverted.

“These hospitals however will be completed very soon and the people will have the facilities at their doorstep nearby”, added Dr Gadoriya.

The other maternal facility in the city is PC Sethi hospital which is fully functional. The district hospital is yet to get full fledged building, though it would get ground floor to run emergency care, gynecology Opd.

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