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‘I2P’ to equip pharma industry to adequately measure digital marketing initiatives outcomes, Health News, ET HealthWorld

New Delhi: Bolstering digital efficiency to effectively evaluate results in markets that face acute scarcity of prescription data points, a structured framework – ‘Intent-to-Prescribe or I2P‘ has been launched to equip the medicine industry adequately measures outcomes of digital marketing initiatives,

The framework has been worked upon to bridge the gap that exists with respect to western markets where script or prescription lifts are easily calculable on account of the ample availability of data sets.

The I2P framework is a key component of D2 – Driven by Digital, Powered by Data, a joint initiative of Docere and Medicine Man, It aims to bring transparency to digital outcomes by providing a first-ever measuring tool – a distinct I2P score – derived from quantifiable campaign metrics such as impressions, CTR, and view time. It is part of an in-depth whitepaper that seeks to measure success and introduces a benchmark in digital communications and marketing for the pharmaceutical industry.

Commenting on the launch, Dr Harshit Jain, Founder & Global CEO, Doceree, said, “Digital is becoming an integral part of physician engagement, yet there is a critical challenge that needs urgent attention and redressal. Pharma brands shifted to using digital technologies astonishingly quickly after the pandemic and while that is encouraging, marketers are struggling to make sense of their investments relative to the number of prescriptions generated. This happens due to lack of data points, crucial to determine the performance of digital marketing campaigns.”

“Understanding the pivotal impact measurement has on improving current or future campaign outcomes, we are thrilled to have devised a quantifiable score that has immense potential to transform the evaluation process of digital initiatives by leveraging the existing digital metrics and markers. The tool will have global application across markets in the European, APAC and GCC regions as scripts studies are nowhere available presently except for markets in the US.”

Formulated by a team of data scientists and industry experts, the I2P score succinctly captures the intent of healthcare professionals (HCPs) to prescribe a brand during their campaign journey, thus optimizing digital outcomes.

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