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How To Improve Our Eyesight And Gave it Strength

How To Improve Our Eyesight – Hello friends welcome to my blog Indian health centre, where we know how to keep your body mentally and physically fit and how to achieve your goals now

So today’s our topic is that how can we strengthen our eyes and increase their Eyesight even if it is far away or near.
Nowadays, even small children get thick glasses, it is only because of this that because we do not pay attention to our food, we eat outside food like pizza burger chowmein, that is why we have this problem. have to face.

Small children who go to school have left the matter of elders, even small children are wearing thick glasses, that is only because of these reasons only because we do not pay attention to our food at all. How To Improve Our Eyesight

In view of this problem, we have brought an article today where we will know how we can improve our eyes and if till now your eyes are still healthy then how can you keep them healthy.

Today we will know about some such food which will give you freedom from all these things – How To Improve Our Eyesight


First of all, let me tell you that if you do not like home food, then this can be your biggest problem because the proteins and vitamins which are in home food are very less than outside food. Contains carbohydrates and fats in quantity, which is in great harm to our body.

If you want your eyesight or your eyesight to increase well, it is normal, then you should include the food given below in your diet.


1. Amla

Yes friends, Amla is such a fruit that helps you to a great extent in the eyes, such as increasing your eyesight and makes your eye lens strong because some of the vitamins found in these are good for your eyes and for your hair. are considered good enough for

How to use amla

How to use Amla You have to cut Amla and dry it in the sun, after that you have to take it in a mixer or anywhere, after grinding, you have to take it with water in the morning, after doing this you will see the result after 30 days. But little by little you will feel that your light is getting right

2. Carrot

Yes friends, carrot is such a fruit, it is such a vegetable that is very beneficial for your eyes because it gives you such vitamins that correct night blindness, those who have night blindness are also correct, then carrot is a very good option. How To Improve Our Eyesight

Where you can take good care of your eyes, as soon as you eat carrots, you will immediately feel that you are getting strength because they contain antioxidants and many multi vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin C and many more minerals. go

How to use Carrot – How To Improve Our Eyesight

You can easily use carrots, you can eat them by washing them whole like this or you can eat them by making pudding by mixing it with desi ghee, there are many ways to eat carrots, you need to take any more trouble to eat carrots. No, you bring simple kajal, eat it from the market, it will help you to a great extent to correct your eyesight.

3. Cheese and Dairy Products

Paneer and other dairy products are beneficial to a large extent to increase your eyesight because you get the natural protein present in them which corrects this correction of your eye lens and your retina.

Elements found in it like high amount of protein, vitamin mineral calcium, because of all these things, sir, it helps you to a great extent that your light can be brought back.

Paneer is very low in fat and high in protein, which helps the lens of your eyes to get rid of proteins that have become loose due to outside food.

That is why with the help of paneer and other dairy products, you can see the difference in your eyesight if you use them daily.

When and how to eat Cheese

If you want Patel to be an artisan for your eyes, then you should eat at least 50 to 100 grams of cottage cheese on an empty stomach in the morning, what will happen that in the morning your stomach will be completely empty in which the answer will be eaten, then it will be good inside you. will be able to do his job

4. Boil egg

Yes friends, if you want that you get strength from inside and your light is also big then you can also use boiled eggs because the carbohydrates and fat and vitamins and proteins found in it mean that everything is present in the egg.

Which build-up your body very well and when the body will get strength, then every part of the body will get strength, then it also gives a lot of light in your eyes.

The white part of the egg contains more protein and the yellow part contains fat and agar vitamins.

When and how to use eggs – How To Improve Our Eyesight

If you want the egg to work for your eyes, then you should include it in your breakfast or empty stomach in the morning, it will help your eyesight to a great extent.

So here are some ways you can adjust your lighting to a certain extent
And those who have the problem of Night Blindness can also be right, share this article of ours as much as possible.
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