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Garmin brings ECG support to its smartwatches

New Delhi: Garmin is finally allowing its users to take an electrocardiogram reading using their smartwatches. The company has announced its new ECG app and it is currently available in the US for users who happen to have a Venu 2 Plus smartwatch.

The new app allows users to record heart rhythms and check for signs of atrial fibrillation (AFib). The app lets users record a 30-second ECG and view them immediately on the watch or in the Garmin Connect app on smartphones.

“The ECG App is Garmin’s first FDA-cleared smartwatch feature and we are thrilled to offer this revolutionary tool to our customers as another way to stay on top of their health,” said Dan BarthelGarmin vice president of global consumer sales.

“During the early stages of AFib, it’s common for symptoms to be infrequent, making it difficult to detect in a clinical setting. With the new ECG App, Venu 2 Plus customers can conveniently take an ECG recording anytime and optionally create a report of their results to share with their doctor later.”

Garmin ECG app: How it works
In the official press release, the company also explained how the new Garmin app works. According to that, the ECG app uses sensors on the Venu 2 Plus to capture electrical signals that control heartbeats. It then uses that data to analyze and detect signs of AFib. Once the ECG is recorded, users have the option to view it on the watch and smartphone. The Garmin Connect app also has the option to check the ECG history.

The ECG App is available now on the Venu 2 Plus for customers in the United States and requires the latest version of the Garmin Connect app before use. The company has also confirmed that it will bring the ECG feature to other regions after the necessary regulatory approval.

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