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What is the advantages of drinking milk daily ?

Benefits / Advantages of Drinking Milk –

Gold in cow’s milk There is Suryaketu Nadi in the backbone of the cow. When the sun’s rays touch the cow’s body, then the Suryaketu Nadi makes gold from the sun’s rays. For this reason, there is yellowing in cow’s milk and butter, it contains toxic elements. Cow’s ghee should be given on the bite of a snake, it removes the poison. People who drink cow’s milk throughout their life are saved from terrible diseases like cancer. Pure gold enters the body by drinking cow’s milk.


Kalyan: Gorakhpur, September, 1995 Baby food — Cow’s milk for babies as good as mother’s milk

Cow’s milk is best. Drinking Milk should not be heated for a long time. Thin people should drink creamy milk and mottles should drink buttermilk. Half a kilo of milk is worth more than a loaf of meat and three eggs by its special properties. Milk is a complete food. Milk contains all the substances useful for life. What is the reason for whiteness of milk? The white appearance on your lips after drinking a glass of egg cream milk is the protein ‘casein’ present in milk. Milk appears white due to its rich intake of nutritious calcium. The cream or cream present in milk also gives it a white color. Milk without cream looks gray instead of white.

There is another reason why milk appears white. Some objects absorb light instead of converting it. Objects that appear red reflect only red light. The casein protein of milk reflects light completely. Hence the milk appears white. The most nutritious elements of milk are calcium and vitamin D. Calcium makes our bones and teeth strong and vitamin ‘D’ helps in the absorption of calcium , while drinking milk .

Best Time to drink milk –

Drinking milk in the morning is beneficial. Digestion of milk Sun’s heat happens from. Therefore, milk should not be drunk at night. Milk usually three hours before bedtime Must drink One should not sleep immediately after drinking milk. Dreaming of drinking too much hot milk at night

It is likely to happen. How to drink milk? – It is good to drink freshly brewed milk. If this is not possible, drink warm milk. Make it hot only as hot as can be drunk. Boiling the milk excessively destroys the useful parts. Drink the milk slowly by stirring it a lot and producing froth. Milk foams are very beneficial. Taste the foam and suck it. The more foam there is in the milk, the more beneficial that milk will be. Do not take any sour substance while consuming milk. Take curd in the morning and afternoon only. Do not consume curd at night.

Sweetness in milk – Milk mixed with sugar is expectorant. Usually, sugar is mixed with milk and sweetened and drunk. Adding sugar destroys the calcium present in milk. So adding sugar is not advisable. Milk has a natural sweetness. By practicing evaporated milk, its natural sweetness is realized within a few days and there is no need for external sweetness. As far as possible do not add sugar to it. If sweetness is required, add honey, sweet fruit juice, soaked dry grapes and its water, sugarcane juice, glucose. Milk mixed with boora or sugar candy is a semen enhancer, tridosha destroyer.

Quick Digestion of Milk – Some people do not digest milk and do not like it. For this, boil a peepal in milk and drink it. It does not make air. Drinking milk mixed with milk does not make gas. Milk is digested quickly, milk is digested quickly by drinking orange, seasonal juice mixed with milk, drinking by adding dry fruits or eating orange on top. Sucking lemon after drinking milk also helps in digestion. If milk is cloudy, gas is produced, then take ginger pieces or dry ginger powder and raisins mixed together.

In which diseases milk is harmful –

milk should not be drunk in diseases like cough, asthma, diarrhea, dysentery, abdominal pain and indigestion. Fresh buttermilk (whey) should be drunk in these. They should also not be taken. Baby food Maca food is the food of the baby. Mother should take nutritious food P. •. Do not eat spicy and spicy things

Benefits of drinking milk for Childs-

Breastfeeding- Canned milk pollutes the brain of children and the child starts suffering from some disease or the other throughout his life. Children who drink more of mother’s milk have less sense of peace and justice in them. On the other hand lactating mothers often survive breast cancer and their sex also remains excellent. Breastfeeding women tend to be more beautiful than non-lactating women.

Does Milk help to recover memory power ?

Semen is purified by drinking water after extracting the milk, filtering it, adding fresh sugar candy or honey, soaked raisin water and drinking it for forty days. Eyesight, memory power increases. Useful in itching, neuralgia, rickets of children, tuberculosis (TB), hysteria, heart palpitations etc. It is more beneficial to small and weak children. Sip it slowly and drinking milk it.

Obesity- Take out 15 dry grapes and put them in a glass of milk. After boiling it, drink it after adding one spoon of native ghee and three spoons of honey. This will increase the body weight.

Child strength booster- If children are weak even after growing up, if they have dry disease, then give them milk mixed with almonds.




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