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Dr. Sanchit Sharma, Co-founder & Director, AIMIL Ayouthveda, Health News, ET HealthWorld

Shahid Akhter, editor, ETHealthworld, spoke to Dr. Sanchit Sharmaco-founder and director, to figure out the market growth and emergence of Ayurveda post-pandemic and the potential it holds for the future.

Ayurveda: COVID-19 Impact
During the pandemic, people became more aware of ayurvedic rituals and returned to the tradition, knowing that going back to the basics is sustainable and beneficial to mankind. industries was worth $335 billion in 2017, and it is expected to grow to more than $1 billion by 2025. People have started adopting ayurveda more and more, and during COVID times people retained a lot of faith in ayurveda. Definitely, we are looking at the Golden Era, which is not here yet, but we are progressing towards the Golden Era of ayurveda, and by the end of 2030, we’ll be in that Golden Era.

Now people are more understanding, and even the ministry and government are favoring ayurveda. Since Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi formed the Ministry of Aayush, there has been an upwind direction for the ayurveda market, be it in the health and wellness segment, the beauty segment, or other categories. Prevention and wellness centers, ayurvedic spas, and other categories are coming up, so overall, the industry is benefiting and definitely the human race will also be benefiting.

Ayurveda: Govt. initiatives

If we talk about policies, the Ministries of Ayush and RPM have been making inroads. PM Modi himself inaugurated the WHO Center in Jamnagar recently; they could have opened in any other country, but because of the influence of the Ministry of Ayush and RPM, they chose India. We earlier had PharmExcel, which was the Pharma Export and Trade Council, and now we have the Ministry of AYUSH, which has formed AYUSH Excel to promote the trade and export of our ayurvedic products and to help with the registration of ayurvedic products. The ministry is making a lot of changes in the policies, and they are trying very hard to ensure that the ayurvedic industry, not only in India but globally as well, does well.

Ayouthveda was launched in March 2020, and as soon as we launched, the pandemic occurred, which was a very tough time for all of us. But at the same time, ayurvedic acceptance was growing, and we were relevant because we had products that met the needs of the hour. We not only had affordable ayurvedic skincare products, but we were also developing products that were the need of the hour, like DRDO hand sanitizer and Air Vaidya, which was an air fumigation. Simultaneously, our focus was on intimate hygiene and skincare products.

The company endeavors to blend the goodness of ancient Ayurvedic cleansing techniques with ultra-modern technology and the latest skincare innovations to provide therapeutically active products that enable customers to experience timeless grace along with physical beauty.

We were gripping the market because other skincare players were going out of the market because they were not able to afford the sales staff, and we did not have any major expenses at that time. So, we were just growing, and that was an advantage for us; we got the shelf space, and because that is an offline market, it is very important to get the shelf space. So at the time when other players were moving out, we were moving in.

Herbal Beauty Products: Challenges
So with Ayurveda, the challenges were to be specific and meet the demand of the customer, as it’s a red ocean market. There has been a wave since 2016, so we have been focusing on high performance, efficiency, and safety because we are not using any harsh chemicals. Also, we have very transparent labels that deliver the right information to the customer so that the customer can know what concentration of the herbal ingredients is being used. Many brands do not maintain transparency and do not include the concentration levels required for that therapeutic concentration.

Being a PhD and coming from the pharmaceutical background of phytochemistry and natural products, we know the right concentration of the herbal extracts that are to be used to get that kind of therapeutic action. We, as a brand, have been focusing on the basics of ayurveda and following the traditional ayurvedic sciences while combining them with ultra-modern technology so as to maintain transparency with our customers.

AIMIL and Ayouthveda: Innovations and R&D
At Ayurveda and AIMIL, we have not only invested a lot in R&D but also collaborated with prominent research institutes, such as DRDO and CSIR. My Ph.D. thesis was about acne and pimples, so I created Anti-Acne Gel in 2012, which I then used to develop Ayouthveda’s products: Anti-Acne Face Wash, Anti-Acne Cream, and Anti-Acne Toner.

At AIMIL Pharmaceuticals, we are spending about 4–5% of our revenue on R&D. We spent 5 years developing these products, which are safe, efficacious, therapeutic, and meet the skincare industry’s standards.It’s a tough task to develop products that are high-performing and at the same time have a good smell and texture, but our research and the development team has done a commendable job here.

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