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Hyderabad: A steep rise in cases of colorectal cancers in the state has left doctors worried. Also because more people below the age of 30 are being found suffering from advanced stages of this cancer.

According to official data, colorectal cancers which till recently comprised only 1 per cent of all cancers in Telangana, have jumped to 6.7 per cent – ​​3,500 cases being reported every year.

In the last five years, the state has reported as many as 10,000 such cancers that are located in the lower end of the digestive tract. In early stages these do not have symptoms but can be picked up during screening, doctors add. While breast, cervix and oral cancers remain the top three cancers in Telangana, lung and stomach too are witnessing a steady rise in numbers.

Earlier, cancers struck only after 50 years. But in the last five years, this has come down drastically. “Cancer patients below 30 years of age now account for 10 percent of overall cases. We are seeing many young patients coming to us at an advanced stage of colorectal cancer,” he said. Dr N Jayalathadirector MNJ Institute of Oncology Regional Cancer Center.

She attributed it to food and lifestyle choices. “In the last decade, food habits have become very varied and include fried, oily, carcinogenic food that we eat outside. Pesticides used for growing vegetables too have carcinogens. These are proven risk factors.

Also a lot of cheesy food, canned food and bakery items are being consumed. That, along with alcohol consumption and smoking are contributing to stomach and colorectal cancers,” Dr Jayalatha added.

In case of lung cancers – it has risen from 5 per cent to 7 per cent with 3,500 cases being reported in Telangana annually – the factors contributing to it remain the same.

“Apart from an increase in smoking among youngsters, environmental pollution and poor air quality are reasons leading to this rise,” said Dr. Srinivas Juluriconsultant oncologist, Medicover Cancer Institute while dr Nikhil S Ghadyalpatil, senior consultant medical oncologist, Yashoda Hospitals stressed how many women with no history of smoking are now being detected with this cancer.

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