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Shahid Akhter, editor, ETHealthworld, spoke to Bindu MenonCo-Founder, jollywellto figure out the current trends in the nutraceutical product market.

Nutraceutical Product Market: Trends and challenges
The promising growth of the nutraceutical industries is driven by a few trends at its core: the first is a willingness to spend more on health and healthcare, more conscious consumption, and people wanting better products that are more natural, more sustainable, animal-friendly, and thus vegan.These are some of the important trends that have made this market very interesting. Also, various dosage forms are available, as are easier-to-consume brands.

However, there are differences among the various generations. The older generation views it as medicine, whereas the younger generation, Gen Z, is more health conscious and concerned about environmental sustainability and harm.So we will find that there are inherent differences; Their knowledge comes from the digital world, and they are happy to engage with content, but they are more impulsive.

One of the important things is to get the younger people to have more information that is true, which is coming from the right sources, and to also help them by developing products that suit their way of thinking, that suit their mental model of sustainability, and of course, concern for their own health.

Today, there are numerous label claims; some of them really may not make sense and end up confusing the consumer. Clear, transparent communication to the consumer and clear labeling that can be understood by the average consumer—all these will play a great role in how this industry shapes up.

The idea behind Jollywell
I am a biochemist, and I am very passionate about understanding nutritional gaps, how food can help cover these gaps, and why we need supplementation when food does not give us the adequate amount of nutrition. So this is what made us move from working on medicines to working on preventive health. We began by assisting people in understanding where they stand overall in their health by understanding how they are aging and if there is any premature agingas well as what factors are contributing to this—whether it is a lack of exercise, food, stress, or sleep—and finally, how they can make lifestyle changes.

We have a wealth of information from our team of 25 to 30 nutritionists across India, who are sharing from their own personal experience. We start by scanning the lifestyles of people and understanding what the gaps are, then recommending lifestyle changes and then supplements. Our aim is to inform them as to where exactly Jollywell will help, which supplements they will need, for how long, and what they should expect after this. Is this something they have to do for the rest of their lives, or just for a year or six months? When should they stop? What should they look for, and when there is a problem, what should they do?

Jollywell is not merely a supplement; It’s a way to help people stay healthy by making the right choices.
So, Jollywell is not merely a supplement; It is a way to engage with people today and help them understand their current health and how they can get better. Firstly, through food—maybe making the right choices in food by knowing food better—by helping them through their lifestyles and also just helping them with supplements until they can actually make the journey on their own. So it could be for a few months for someone who wants to lose weight or sleep better. This is the whole philosophy and purpose.

Jollywell : Journey
We want the younger generation to be healthier. We don’t want India to be the diabetes and cancer capital. We want the young workforce to have better sleep, a better lifestyle, and overall better health.

We have lined up a lot of products that are really relevant for today’s young workforce and anyone who needs supplements. We also intend to bring out more dosage forms and different types of offerings that are relevant, but at the core, what we believe is that there should be nothing in the supplement that is not required. We have almost no additives or preservatives, binding agents, or sugar. This is the focus of our R&D effort. It means rejecting anything that is unsafe and making sure it does no harm. It means not just following trends but building trust. So that’s what Jollywell is all about. Going forward, we would like to make it the leading brand of supplements that is trusted by customers all over India.

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