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Benefits Of Bottle Gourd that you must know


Latin name – Lagenaria siceria (Lagenaria siceraria)

Benefits of  Using Bottle Gourd in diseases –

Gourd is the fruit of a plant of Cucurbitaceae family. Gourd is also known as Gheya. It is also called Bottle Gourd in English due to its bottle shape and in olden times its hard shell was kept filled with wine etc.

In the present , one of the most important benefit of taking bottle gourd in Fever .

Nature – cool and moist. Bottle Gourd removes the heat of the brain. It should be eaten with peel. Gourd is cold, dry. Bottle gourd juice is as nutritious as mother’s milk. Gourd generates desire to eat and gourd, which is rich in medicinal properties, is supposed to free man from the web of diseases. Is.

Bottle Gourd juice is used for fever, cough, lung, heart disorders, all urinary diseases and it help in fever.

Bottle Gourd is Useful in diseases of uterus. Gourd keeps the nervous system healthy and power gives.

Quality – The gourd which is green, soft, smooth, feels soft to touch, whose seeds are raw soft, when pressed with fingers, do not become hard, it is good. Consuming Lodi is cooling. Therefore, people who get cold again and again should not drink lo’s juice, if they want to drink, then drink dry ginger and black pepper and drink it.

There is very little greasiness in bottle gourd. The carbohydrates found in it are easily digested. That is why in any case of disease, giving gourd vegetable soup and juice is beneficial in almost all diseases. Blood acidity (acid available in the blood) becomes normal by the consumption of bottle gourd. Gourd helps in the formation of red blood cells. Gourd is a power booster, enhances all metals and creates interest in eating. If the gourd curry comes out, then do not consume it, eat the gourd vegetable after boiling it, fry it, do not fry it in spices. Urticaria – When hives come out, wherever hives have appeared in the body, gourd

Apply juice and eat gourd vegetable.

Incredible benefits of taking Gourd-

Epistaxis – If the nose is bleeding, then soak cotton in the juice of bottle gourd, squeeze it lightly and spread it on the forehead. This will bring water and stop bleeding from the nose. Keep in mind, the juice should not do this in the eyes. If dry cough, burning in urine, loss of appetite, weight do not increase, then eat raw gourd or drink juice.

Gourd benefits in diabetes. Raw gourd can be eaten as a vegetable, salad. Drink bottle gourd juice mixed with some salt. Headache- Apply bottle gourd oil on the head regularly. This will make the pain go away.

Fever – High fever, do not panic if the fever is from 102° to 104°, in case of high fever, rub the pulp of gourd while splashing water on the soles of the feet. This reduces the intense heat of the fever. The fever subsides. It also reduces the burning of the soles. Bottle gourd

Take vegetables, juices, soups.

Burning, skin diseases— The effect of gourd juice is cooling, so in diseases where there is burning and excessive thirst, drinking bottle gourd juice is beneficial. Mix one spoon of honey in a cup of  gourd juice and take it in diseases like burning of the body, acidity, burning of stomach, burning of eyes, burning sensation of throat, gall disorders, blood disorders, boils-pimples, hemorrhage etc.

There is benefit. Scorpion bite- Apply paste of bottle gourd at the place of scorpion bite and drink its juice, then the poison of scorpion bite will come down.

Bleeding– If there is blood coming from any part of the body, then grinding gourd peels finely and applying a bandage on that place stops the bleeding. Along with this, juice of bottle gourd along with peels should be taken out and drunk.

Gourd is beneficial in uterine disorders. Therefore, women who have repeated miscarriages or miscarriages, they must consume bottle gourd in the form of a vegetable or this for a few days. This will strengthen the uterus and get rid of pregnancy. Its juice gives confirmation to a pregnant woman. Getting a son – Women who have girls, they do it only four months before conception

Start eating bottle gourd and eat bottle gourd along with sugar candy continuously for the second, third and fourth months of pregnancy, then a boy will be born in place of a girl. This experience is 50% successful. In the initial and last month of pregnancy, by eating one hundred and fifty grams of raw gourd with 70 grams of sugar candy daily, the color of the fetus will become fair, the child will be beautiful. This will not cause constipation, the fear of common miscarriage will go away.

By eating gourd juice, vegetables, khichdi, the fetus is nourished, the baby is born beautiful, healthy and of the right weight. The pregnant woman is also nourished. • Renal Colic – Take out the juice by heating the gourd. By massaging this juice on the painful area and grinding and applying the pulp, the pain of the kidney is reduced immediately.

81 Urogenital diseases – In urinary diseases and kidney pain, take half a cup juice of bottle gourd and mix it with a pinch of rock salt and lemon juice and drink it in the morning, urine comes freely and burning of the urinary tract ends.

Irritation of soles –

But by rubbing it removes heat, burning, and phlegm. Bottle gourd juice can also be applied.

Applying gourd pulp or juice provides relief wherever there is irritation. itching from juice

There is also benefit.

Burning of urine- Squeeze lemon according to taste in a glass of drink juice.

It cures burning sensation of urine.

If there is obstruction in urine, then drink one gram of Kalmi Shora ( Pansari, available in Attar), four spoons of ground sugar candy, half a glass of water, three spoons of bottle gourd juice mixed together. After drinking once, urine will come. If urine does not come for an hour, then drink again. Extract the juice by churning the bottle gourd and drink one glass four times a day. This will also allow urine to come freely. Gourd and its seeds are diuretics.

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