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Antara Is 1st Choice Of Women For Contraception Methods, Health News, ET HealthWorld

Kanpur:Antares‘ is effective in keeping the difference in children. Every year the number of people using it is increasing and it is becoming the first choice in temporary means of contraception. As many as 11897 doses had been administered to the needy persons between April and December 2022.

The health department on Friday claimed that the trimester contraceptive injection, which has become women’s first choice among new contraceptive methods, is extremely effective in spacing births. With this injection administered every three months, after two years of marriage, the difference of three years between planning the first child and the birth of two children can be easily kept.

Chief medical officer Dr Alok Ranjan said Antara vaccine is available at 414 centers in the district. For the first time, this facility was available at the District Women’s Hospital where women got themselves vaccinated regularly during the Covid period.

Nodal officer SK Singh stated that it was prudent to adopt new means of family planning to get rid of problems like frequent abortions, hospital visits, frail health etc. For this, two new temporary contraceptive means– intra injection and Chhaya pills— are available at present, he said. While both the contraceptives play a big role in keeping the difference in the birth of two children, their use also prevents anemia and cancer. ASHA and the beneficiary woman get Rs 100 per dose for getting the injection, he added.

Meena, a beneficiary and a mother of two children, has been getting intravenous injections continuously for the last five years and is completely satisfied with it. She said this temporary remedy has given relief from the worry of unwanted pregnancy and that too without any side effects. “I have also made other women aware about it”, she added.

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