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Ambulances assigned to under construction health facilities in Indore, Health News, ET HealthWorld

Indore: District health authorities have attached at least nine patient transportation vehicles – ambulances and Janani Express to two under-construction health facilities not working full-fledged.

The vehicles are underutilized causing trouble for patients in other facilities, where there is high load because of these under-construction institutes.

Mangilal Churiya had four such vehicles including two Janani express (JE), one each. Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS), the hospital wise district ambulance records showed.

Interestingly, this facility is running an outpatient department in a room and admitting patients in quarters as a day facility only. Similarly, district hospitals running from quarters have five such vehicles including two ALS, BLS each and one JE, records showed.

The Janani Express is a dedicated patient transport vehicle for comprehensive care of mother and child. These vehicles are responsible for ferrying pregnant women, mothers and children to and fro from facilities every time they require it, officials said.

Similarly, ambulances are meant to ferry patients to and fro from their house. Because of a guideline restricting ferrying patients from facilities, the issue arises, officials said.

CMHO Dr BS Saitya said, “The rationalization of the transportation vehicles are being carried out. The issues would be resolved.

“The ferrying of patients from the facility to their house is allowed on a case to case basis. A letter to state health authorities is written in this regard to revise the policies to avoid any issue to the patients”, added Dr Saitya.

The district now has 51 patient transportation vehicles in it including seven ALS and 18 Basic Life Support (BLS). The district also has 26 Janani express for ferrying pregnant women and their infants, records showed.

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