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28% Of Mrv Target Met In Wk 1 Of Drive, Health News, ET HealthWorld

Kolkata: In the first week of the measles-rubella vaccination (MRV) campaign, Bengal has achieved 28 per cent of its target. Till Saturday, over 65 lakh children between the ages of nine months and 15 years had been vaccinated against a target of about 2.3 crores.

Sources said Sunday being a holiday, the campaign was conducted from a restricted number of sites. But the count is expected to shoot up by Monday.

Girls have raced ahead of boys in taking the additional shot of the MR vaccine. According to health department officials, it is among the older children in the age group of 10-15 years that more girls are taking the vaccine than boys. While more than 33 lakh girls have taken the jab, close to 32 lakh boys have taken their shots.

“We are seeing this very interesting trend of more girls coming forward to take the vaccine than boys in the older age group. This might be a reflection of the girls being more responsible,” she said. Ashim Das MalakarState family welfare officer.

The MRV campaign was launched in Bengal on January 9 with the aim of covering 2.3 crores children across the state during the five-week drive. The focus of the first three weeks will be on schools by organizing it from campuses while the last two weeks will focus on the community level.

Till Saturday, which was the sixth day of the campaign, a cumulative of 65,62,760 children had been inoculated. From day one, the health department has been achieving between 80 per cent and 87 per cent of their set target for the day.

“Our target is to cover at least 95 per cent of the children in that age group by the end of the campaign. So far, we have got about 1.7 crore doses of the vaccine. We have been assured of more and will receive the required number of doses,” Das Malakar said.

The campaign under the health ministry is being conducted by the health department in association with agencies like the WHO and UNICEF. Health officials said the campaign in the Hills districts will take off in the later part of February, once schools reopen after the winter break.

The state, in 2022, had reported about 11 measles outbreaks that affected more than 1,800 children. The state has also reported 175 cases of rubella. Doctors said taking an additional dose of the MR vaccine was important to break the chain of transmission.

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